Should You Partner Up or Go It Alone? January 15, 2019 13:56

The dream of being my own boss had started sometime when I was seven while my sister and I played "store" in our bedrooms. We would use our own clothes and shoes to decorate and then go shopping in each others' bedrooms. I think it probably always ended when I argued with her on pricing! That independence streak was alive already I guess!

You get to know a lot about yourself when placed in a partnership. I started my clothing boutique with a business partner, one who was knowledgeable in all the areas I wasn't, numbers and accounting! I liked the creative/marketing side. It seemed to be a match made in heaven.

My brain is/was always bursting with ideas, promotions, sales, shopping parties, new products. My brain also challenges many a budget-friendly mind.

And soon it became: Two Visions. One Store.

How do you make that decision to partner up or to saddle up and move on alone?

  1. Start with a clear vision. (What do you want the store to look like? Are you aiming for high end, mid-pricing or discount?)
  2. Write out your expectations of the business separately. (Are you doing it because it sounds and looks fun? You want to love your job! Or, is it going to be your main source of income?)
  3. Write out your expectations of the working relationship. (Like, I want to be best friends but maybe you just want to get into the business)!
  4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your personalities? (I have been told I like things my way...)

After months of deliberation and a prepared, grandiose farewell speech (that maybe didn't go as planned) I quickly celebrated my independence and adjusted direction and was ready to hustle!

I can't say I didn't look back on this ride. In fact, I look back quite regularly. There were hurts and hearts and other humans involved. I'll be the first to admit, managing my heart can turn me into a train wreck. My crash is quiet and unassuming and masked with a smile and a funny quote on social media, but my heart extends empathy to the other individual first and foremost.

Then confidence kicks in, perhaps with a wavering Wednesday here and there, and I'm ready to get on the right track and get re-aligned.

Where's my horse? He's looking for a new watering hole and he's taking me west to that second Charm Boutique location and I'm ready to ride away into the sunset successfully ever after!