Posing & Real Life April 06, 2017 20:18

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I freaked out! I had a moment! Like a shot in my arm! Yes, literally. I needed a liposuction shot in my arm!
Those were my thoughts as I was seeing a picture of me in the newspaper. Not the awesome story that was written about "Project Prom," but the size of my arm that I was trying so hard to conceal the day before!
Picture A: Posing
Picture B: Real Life
I tried really hard, like 17-pictures-hard, before I settled on Picture A. My arm kind of looked elongated and if I squinted I saw a little bit of tone! So, of course that was the one I had to go with so people knew I ALWAYS looked like that, right?
And then a day later - front and center-without a filter or good posture, I stood with a very cool story in the newspaper I wanted the world to know about, but an arm I wished no one could identify!
Stuck between vanity & charity. Perception and reality. For all my women empowerment preaching, was there a version of me that didn't reflect that confidence? Sure was. I caught myself criticizing myself when a compliment came. Even to my husband, who puts his arms around my toned yet chunky arms everyday! He lives real life with me.
So sure, put the pretty pose out there but let everyone see the real you too. Your heart shows the most that way! Choose Picture B sometimes!
Lindz/Her Heartland ❤️
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