Perfecting the Post May 16, 2018 23:29

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Have you seen the commercial about @JustMarie? You know the kind. 

@JustMarie knows how to rock the social media world.

She never uses a filter and proves it with a hashtag: you guessed it, #nofilter.

The stocks she invests in always “mean” something.

@Just Marie’s children are beautiful.

She travels to only the most beautiful places

And @JustMarie is classy and effortless and she is so likeable.

So. Dang. Likeable. (Bleh)!

The ad says repeatedly, “You’ll like her” while one of @JustMarie’s bazillionth “friends” is scrolling through trying to be convinced she’d like her! 

Don’t we all have a little twinge of hope that @JustMarie trips in a pothole on one of her many travels?

On the other silly hand, don’t we all want to be her?

I do! Admittedly, I really, really do!

Just when I think I’ve “perfected the post” like I find another “Catchy Cathy” coming away with all the “likes” and “hearts!”

Or @DoingMyThingDenise with her drool-fest Facebook posts!

Or @SevenKidsAndSaneStephanie, the ever-effervescent mama over on Insta posting what she just whipped up in her spare time; the cutest cupcakes for her kids school birthday party!

How do I keep up? 

Well, like any hot-blooded woman would: devouring and dissecting every word and inch of her post and picture!

In my mind, curating my own better, believable post for the next morning to get that nugget of love in the form of a “thumbs up” sign.

I’m in a Love-Hate relationship with social media!

I I LOVE LOVE LOVE it for its immediacy and ability to communicate with many quickly, but I hate my dependence on it!

What I’ve come to realize is the most important part is how I handle social media and how I teach the generation of scrolling screen-starers to handle hashtags and hearts and humans!

Possibly like @JustMarie with grace and humility and kindness. Maybe I DO like her after all?

Lindz | Her Heartland ❤️

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