Mommy Brain May 17, 2017 11:25

(Her Heartland ❤️)
I had a different subject I was going to write about. It was about being nice to your husband, a really important subject. But I got sidetracked.
I started mowing, something I wanted to do yesterday, but I got sidetracked. Tonight was the night, and really, it was prompted by an email from the fertilizer guys that said they were coming out this weekend. Can you say "pressure?"
So I focused and I finished in near record-time the mowing of our football-field-sized yard. Boone even set the oven-timer to see how long it would take me (9-year-old boys like that sort of stuff) to cut our golf-fairway-sized lawn. Did I mention our lawn is huge?
So, as I came inside with mom-momentum because, yes, I had also prepared a meal for my children so they would be ready to bathe when I came in I checked out the window one last time to admire my work. I saw what can only be compared to seeing shag carpet at the Bellagio!
I forgot to mow the whole front yard! And for a split second I thought no one would notice because really, only the bus driver and the garbage man see the dang thing anyway!
But the condition was too important to forget and swoosh under the rug or in this instance, a shag of grass!
I have Mommy Brain. It is real. It is not fabricated. I've decided our brains either went out with our placentas or into the brains of our children. Because honestly, there are days when they are smarter than me!
I want all of you current mommies and future mamas to know it is ok! It happens to all of us! Roll with it! It will happen. And usually at the most inopportune times possible. If it happens in front of another mom, just nod... we get it!
I don't believe there's a cure, but that's what makes us the disheveled, lovable characters our children love...and possibly our husbands, those men that we are supposed to be nice to who helped create "Mommy Brain" in the first place!
[Wearing a Carhartt jacket, backwards necklace and trucker hat, which can be purchased at Charm, but it doesn't cure Mommy Brain!]
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