Be Choosy with Who & What You Sell? January 15, 2019 13:56

I’m a list-maker - I create wonderful points on the back of my receipts, on post-it notes, on my kids’ spelling test sheets. They say if you write it down you are twice as likely to remember it - until you can’t find your list.

Make those lists in pencils too because they are going to change! Man! Change is a’coming and you might not know up from down because your heart says to write this but your head scribbles down that.

My grocery list changes as I park my car at the supermarket. My to-do list certainly changes as the hours dwindle from the day. My Top 5 Hollywood Hunks have changed from bombshells to matured salt n’ pepper men. And even my list of life priorities have shifted.

It might seem like quite a leap from life to boutique-buying but in all reality, what you thought would work five years ago or even six months ago might not work now and you have to be willing to change course.

Many girls have asked me how do I know what vendors to buy from? And to make as accurate of a guess as possible, know these three things:

1) Know your audience/who you are selling to.

2) Know your targeted price range for that audience.

3) Know style! I know this sounds obvious but know, just because you can live in your rose -inspired kimono not EVERYONE wants floral all year long!

Once those things are determined I would really suggest going to market, which can usually be found four times a year in most major cities.

I wouldn’t hurry onto a wholesale website searching for the exact same brands you’ve seen at other boutiques just to buy something quick. Believe me, I understand the high you get from an impulse buy. It seems adorable and you want it now! But, remember sizing in China from Amazon is TINY - like toddler tiny.

Even though that adorable store in the other town has it and it seems to be flying off the shelves! Stop! Hands off the mouse, don’t make another mouse click. Step back and determine how you could take their style and find something similar - yet yours!

Be You - as cliche as that sounds. What really is going to make your boutique special? Not buying the exact same 30 cardigans your closest competitor bought because my dear, not all cardigans are the same.

To know what you are buying requires feeling and touching and getting to know a vendor. And getting to know a vendor is done by traveling to a market. And all the lists you made and all the brands you wanted may or may not be all you dreamed. Meet your vendors and ask yourself, “do they really make the list?”

Pssst, it will change. You will have to go through trial and error and you might have to hear things you don’t want to hear from customers who can’t figure out why the sleeves of that wonderful tunic seem to fit like the wrapper of a Slim Jim.

So yes, go get that beautiful, rose-gold Goal-Planner you just bought in the office aisle at Target and make that list. Then be ready to make another one and another one until your goal is reached. And just when you thought you were done with lists and goals, you’ll need to write another one, perhaps just on the back of that box of crayons you found quickly in your back seat.

Those lists and changes come at the most unexpected times so welcome them with open arms.