Bath Toys In a Basket May 16, 2018 23:25

❤️Her Heartland❤️

I have held on to this silly blue basket full of random bath toys and foam alphabet letters for far too many years.
The kids don’t even take baths anymore! And their showers are two minutes and unsupervised. Who knows if soap is actually being used!
Point is, they don’t need me!
But here I am, still holding on to this huge, honking toy-holder taking up a good part of the bathtub! For no other reason but because if I do, I know a little bit of their childhood is gone like the bubbles down the drain.
I’m officially allowing “This Little Piggy Went To Market” to market and out of my vocabulary. Pulling on a ten-year-old’s toes can be a little awkward for both of us!
Let Go, Lindsey.
Things stick with me. Not just memories made from random baby toys; but the feelings of loss, the daily news, real relationships, freeing friendships. My heart gets heavy on all sides. It sweetly thickens with love and unbearably beats with sadness.
Let Go, Lindsey.
It is ok.
Keep a little for lessons.
Let go of the rest for peace.
❤️ Lindz