Balancing an Overbooked Life August 29, 2017 09:25

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I'm on a self-awareness roll... maybe that happens as you inch your way up in your 30s?

And perhaps my age is making my balance off-kilter?

The other day my summertime, high school babysitter corrected me on my own work schedule for, ahem, the business that I own. If that doesn't tell you something, it should. I have a really amazing babysitter and my dream of having it all through balance and sheer stamina has been thrown off from an overbooked summer! Oh, who am I kidding, an overbooked life!

I jam-pack my weeks only to have the look of a relaxed weekend at the lake! I squeeze in a hair appointment because being blonde must mean I have it all together! I workout to shape my shoulders (because we all know my arms are a lost cause) to show how I can balance it all!

My make-up is on for the magical appearance that I've got everything in order. Except what does it mean the day you mistake your lip gloss for eye-shadow? The reality that maybe I don't have it all together and the unpleasant feeling of my eyelids stuck to my eyebrows!

Ooh yes, then there's the non-superficial stuff. Priorities, Lindsey!
(In no particular order although I will admit I need to work on the wife-ing skill set, but that's for another blog).

The fact is I keep a calendar hanging in every room but none of them have been changed to July yet! I attempt to stay on task by updating my phone calendar but forget the event when I forget to check the phone! And, can someone please tell me how to get the alarm to ring to actually alert me of my activity?

I've written down what I'm supposed to be doing on three separate planners but can't seem to remember which one I wrote it on and what exactly it is! My life is like a continuous "Who's On First" monologue. My body is running to third and my brain is still batting at home plate.

I'm a woman who has always thought she could "have it all." And I can... I can have it all with all the failures, forgetfulness and fragile mistakes I make along the way and it never hurts to have a really good babysitter.

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