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Perfecting the Post May 16, 2018 23:29

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Have you seen the commercial about @JustMarie? You know the kind. 

@JustMarie knows how to rock the social media world.

She never uses a filter and proves it with a hashtag: you guessed it, #nofilter.

The stocks she invests in always “mean” something.

@Just Marie’s children are beautiful.

She travels to only the most beautiful places

And @JustMarie is classy and effortless and she is so likeable.

So. Dang. Likeable. (Bleh)!

The ad says repeatedly, “You’ll like her” while one of @JustMarie’s bazillionth “friends” is scrolling through trying to be convinced she’d like her! 

Don’t we all have a little twinge of hope that @JustMarie trips in a pothole on one of her many travels?

On the other silly hand, don’t we all want to be her?

I do! Admittedly, I really, really do!

Just when I think I’ve “perfected the post” like I find another “Catchy Cathy” coming away with all the “likes” and “hearts!”

Or @DoingMyThingDenise with her drool-fest Facebook posts!

Or @SevenKidsAndSaneStephanie, the ever-effervescent mama over on Insta posting what she just whipped up in her spare time; the cutest cupcakes for her kids school birthday party!

How do I keep up? 

Well, like any hot-blooded woman would: devouring and dissecting every word and inch of her post and picture!

In my mind, curating my own better, believable post for the next morning to get that nugget of love in the form of a “thumbs up” sign.

I’m in a Love-Hate relationship with social media!

I I LOVE LOVE LOVE it for its immediacy and ability to communicate with many quickly, but I hate my dependence on it!

What I’ve come to realize is the most important part is how I handle social media and how I teach the generation of scrolling screen-starers to handle hashtags and hearts and humans!

Possibly like @JustMarie with grace and humility and kindness. Maybe I DO like her after all?

Lindz | Her Heartland ❤️

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Bath Toys In a Basket May 16, 2018 23:25

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I have held on to this silly blue basket full of random bath toys and foam alphabet letters for far too many years.
The kids don’t even take baths anymore! And their showers are two minutes and unsupervised. Who knows if soap is actually being used!
Point is, they don’t need me!
But here I am, still holding on to this huge, honking toy-holder taking up a good part of the bathtub! For no other reason but because if I do, I know a little bit of their childhood is gone like the bubbles down the drain.
I’m officially allowing “This Little Piggy Went To Market” to market and out of my vocabulary. Pulling on a ten-year-old’s toes can be a little awkward for both of us!
Let Go, Lindsey.
Things stick with me. Not just memories made from random baby toys; but the feelings of loss, the daily news, real relationships, freeing friendships. My heart gets heavy on all sides. It sweetly thickens with love and unbearably beats with sadness.
Let Go, Lindsey.
It is ok.
Keep a little for lessons.
Let go of the rest for peace.
❤️ Lindz

Balancing an Overbooked Life August 29, 2017 09:25

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I'm on a self-awareness roll... maybe that happens as you inch your way up in your 30s?

And perhaps my age is making my balance off-kilter?

The other day my summertime, high school babysitter corrected me on my own work schedule for, ahem, the business that I own. If that doesn't tell you something, it should. I have a really amazing babysitter and my dream of having it all through balance and sheer stamina has been thrown off from an overbooked summer! Oh, who am I kidding, an overbooked life!

I jam-pack my weeks only to have the look of a relaxed weekend at the lake! I squeeze in a hair appointment because being blonde must mean I have it all together! I workout to shape my shoulders (because we all know my arms are a lost cause) to show how I can balance it all!

My make-up is on for the magical appearance that I've got everything in order. Except what does it mean the day you mistake your lip gloss for eye-shadow? The reality that maybe I don't have it all together and the unpleasant feeling of my eyelids stuck to my eyebrows!

Ooh yes, then there's the non-superficial stuff. Priorities, Lindsey!
(In no particular order although I will admit I need to work on the wife-ing skill set, but that's for another blog).

The fact is I keep a calendar hanging in every room but none of them have been changed to July yet! I attempt to stay on task by updating my phone calendar but forget the event when I forget to check the phone! And, can someone please tell me how to get the alarm to ring to actually alert me of my activity?

I've written down what I'm supposed to be doing on three separate planners but can't seem to remember which one I wrote it on and what exactly it is! My life is like a continuous "Who's On First" monologue. My body is running to third and my brain is still batting at home plate.

I'm a woman who has always thought she could "have it all." And I can... I can have it all with all the failures, forgetfulness and fragile mistakes I make along the way and it never hurts to have a really good babysitter.

Shoulders are balance-ready in {Charm Boutique's} Z-Suppy Cold Shoulder Top | $35 | and Ivey Yarn Necklace | $29.

Lindz/Her Heartland

Mommy Brain May 17, 2017 11:25

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I had a different subject I was going to write about. It was about being nice to your husband, a really important subject. But I got sidetracked.
I started mowing, something I wanted to do yesterday, but I got sidetracked. Tonight was the night, and really, it was prompted by an email from the fertilizer guys that said they were coming out this weekend. Can you say "pressure?"
So I focused and I finished in near record-time the mowing of our football-field-sized yard. Boone even set the oven-timer to see how long it would take me (9-year-old boys like that sort of stuff) to cut our golf-fairway-sized lawn. Did I mention our lawn is huge?
So, as I came inside with mom-momentum because, yes, I had also prepared a meal for my children so they would be ready to bathe when I came in I checked out the window one last time to admire my work. I saw what can only be compared to seeing shag carpet at the Bellagio!
I forgot to mow the whole front yard! And for a split second I thought no one would notice because really, only the bus driver and the garbage man see the dang thing anyway!
But the condition was too important to forget and swoosh under the rug or in this instance, a shag of grass!
I have Mommy Brain. It is real. It is not fabricated. I've decided our brains either went out with our placentas or into the brains of our children. Because honestly, there are days when they are smarter than me!
I want all of you current mommies and future mamas to know it is ok! It happens to all of us! Roll with it! It will happen. And usually at the most inopportune times possible. If it happens in front of another mom, just nod... we get it!
I don't believe there's a cure, but that's what makes us the disheveled, lovable characters our children love...and possibly our husbands, those men that we are supposed to be nice to who helped create "Mommy Brain" in the first place!
[Wearing a Carhartt jacket, backwards necklace and trucker hat, which can be purchased at Charm, but it doesn't cure Mommy Brain!]
Lindz/Her Heartland ❤️
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Not Everyone's Going to Like You April 09, 2017 19:09

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Nothing will knock you down quicker than a grumpy anonymous caller on your business' voicemail telling you that your clothes are ugly and your store won't last long! This caller even thought about spreading some of these sentiments on Facebook but spared me! She was lovely in the most sarcastically "lovely" way a person can be!

And there I was just a minute before, putting together one of the cutest outfits ever, or so I thought, for a new Facebook post... and the doubts began.

Doubts boiled up like the time I wasn't invited to Senior Skip Day in high school. Or the time I held back tears as my college Econ Professor made comments about my lack of supply-and-demand knowledge in front of about 90 other students who seemed to fully understand that concept. Or the time I felt downright tumult after I got an earful from an angry reader when I was writing for one of the local newspapers.

You hear moments like these are supposed to help you "grow!" Sometimes I think that the only thing I've grown is thick skin.

Thick skin to handle my failure in pleasing everyone. Skin thick enough to endure the realization that not everyone's going to like me. I am ok with that! I really, really am. My thick skin can't be punctured by a mere phone call from a stranger. Who am I kidding?

Not belonging, feeling belittled and being berated might happen again. But if anything this skin-I'm-in has taught me is that I can only control myself.

Along with growing thick skin, I can grow control. I can also grow a smile to grin and bear it and respond in the most sincerely lovely way possible. And sometimes that requires a lovely dress to do that in... even if not everyone agrees on its loveliness! [wearing the Sloane Dress]

Lindz\Her Heartland ❤️
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Posing & Real Life April 06, 2017 20:18

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I freaked out! I had a moment! Like a shot in my arm! Yes, literally. I needed a liposuction shot in my arm!
Those were my thoughts as I was seeing a picture of me in the newspaper. Not the awesome story that was written about "Project Prom," but the size of my arm that I was trying so hard to conceal the day before!
Picture A: Posing
Picture B: Real Life
I tried really hard, like 17-pictures-hard, before I settled on Picture A. My arm kind of looked elongated and if I squinted I saw a little bit of tone! So, of course that was the one I had to go with so people knew I ALWAYS looked like that, right?
And then a day later - front and center-without a filter or good posture, I stood with a very cool story in the newspaper I wanted the world to know about, but an arm I wished no one could identify!
Stuck between vanity & charity. Perception and reality. For all my women empowerment preaching, was there a version of me that didn't reflect that confidence? Sure was. I caught myself criticizing myself when a compliment came. Even to my husband, who puts his arms around my toned yet chunky arms everyday! He lives real life with me.
So sure, put the pretty pose out there but let everyone see the real you too. Your heart shows the most that way! Choose Picture B sometimes!
Lindz/Her Heartland ❤️
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Snap Out Of It March 13, 2017 22:43

I caught myself the other day being stuck in an angry, annoyed mood. I couldn't shake it! I remembered my dad telling me one time that nothing's worth being mad for more than 13 seconds. Well, my anger had lasted way longer than his suggested quarter of a minute!
The only thing I could think of to do was to say out loud, "Snap Out Of It, Lindsey!" And for some weird reason that vocalized effort did the trick for a few days!
But the mood came back, and you know what got me out of my next longer-than-a-13-second-mad-moment? Music!
We grew up on Michael Jackson and Madonna cassettes and The Oak Ridge Boys and Footloose on 8-tracks before that!
The song that was ringing in my head that day was the one from the Hulu commercial! I can crank up that commercial and listen and dance for a quick minute! It just makes me smile!
"The world keeps spinnin'
Life goes on and on
I won't cry for long
Cause I'll still be winnin'
When things are going wrong
I turn on my favorite song
And dust my shoulders off"
Take a listen for yourself!
Now, give yourself 13 seconds.
Snap out of it, find your tune and snap to it! (I'm snapping in the Lotus Dress | $29 | Charm Boutique)
❤️Lindz/Her Heartland
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