When My Parents Took Over Social Media

  • I Found It!

    “I think I found the last bottle of hand sanitizer in the county right here next to these pretty earrings at Charm Boutique!” - Dad
  • Jokes

    I love all the layers that Charm has for my style.Robin likes to take off the layers! Joking!!But, we are learning how to take selfies!- Mom(We are...
  • Charm Coffee

    “I like Charm Boutique’s clothes, but I mostly come for the free coffee!” - Dad
  • Our Secret Favorite

    We are proud of Lindsey and all of her accomplishments at Charm Boutique, but our oldest daughter’s picture in the dressing room warms our heart th...
  • A New Approach

    I’m going to be taking a new approach to Charm Boutique’s social media during this time of quarantine!