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A little selfie goes a long way February 16, 2017 11:26

I've seen so many women hitting their strides lately, and it usually begins with a selfie...and it is usually in the car...because we all know that's the best natural light! Am I right?

I'm not hatin’ as you can see. I believe a little selfie goes a long way!

But more importantly, I'm noticing growth in confidence, a growing entrepreneurial spirit and creative-thinking in so many ladies. Makes me want to blare my Beyonce’s, "Who Run The World? Girls!”

I’m staring back at women I've known for many years and those I'm beginning to see on a regular basis just working the heck out of it! 

From self-starters to home-based businesses, women are hitting their stride and many are heading into a full-on sprint of success. 

I think you are all rock-stars so I’m emulating that in my own rock-star selfie – wearing, you guessed it, Charm Boutique’s Imagine Tunic | $29.

Can you even imagine what you can do when you find the right light, take the selfie and go! I promise you’ll find your stride.

Lindz | Her Heartland